Website Builder Update 6th December 2012

For the last few weeks we’ve been working hard on a big new feature many of you had asked for – and now we can finally unveil it! But first, take a look at our latest design for cafes, bars and restaurants:

And now, feast your eyes on our brand new feature – you can now use your bOnline site as a fully-functioning booking system, whether you’re a restaurant, hairdresser, mechanic – you name it! Here’s a quick run-through of how it works:

You can enter products and resources to match what you are offering. In the example below, the products are manicures and pedicures. The ‘resources’ are the people that can offer the service. In this case, both Sarah and Jenny can offer manicures, but only Sarah can offer pedicures. You can also set how long each booking should be for:

Next, you can set availability for all of the resources (these could be people, or even tables at a restaurant). These can be the same or different on each day, and shifts can also be split:

Your customers are able to book via an easy-to-use calendar on your site. They will be able to choose a product/service, as well as who they want to book with (if applicable), and see when this is available. Once they have made the booking, the time will be unavailable for anyone else to book, and you will receive an email or text message notification. All of your bookings and contacts can be managed through your website.

The new booking system is available on our Business and Business+ packages. If you want to try it out, give us a call today.

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