Small business news roundup: April 5-12

NewspapersHave you missed any small business news this week? Read on for our quick roundup of small business news from the past seven days:

Major changes to the PAYE tax system came into place on Saturday, and on Friday we reported that many small businesses were still not ready. A shocking 18% of small businesses said they were not prepared for the Real Time Information (RTI) scheme, just days before it was implemented.

On Monday we found out that small businesses are confident about what  the rest of 2013 holds. According to the Geared for Growth report, 60% of small businesses are expecting to see growth in the next 12 months, with 80% saying technology is the ‘tipping point’ for success.

Next we told you about Microsoft’s drive to switch small businesses from Windows XP. The operating system’s support will end in April next year, and Microsoft is urging small businesses to upgrade by offering a 15% discount on the new Windows 8 system.

On Wednesday the government’s long-awaited business bank scheme was finally launched. The first installment of £300m is now up for grabs. Small businesses can now apply for a share of the £1bn funding pot, and could receive their funding by this Autumn.

And yesterday we heard that there are potentially hundreds of thousands of small businesses which are ‘invisible’ to the government. An unknown number of sole traders and those who don’t qualify for VAT registration are not counted in the government’s official statistics about small businesses.

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