Small business news roundup August 23rd – 30th

Reading the newsIt may have been a short work week, but we’re still ending it with a roundup of this week’s small business news. Here’s what you might have missed:

On Tuesday,we told you 54% of Brits suffer from nomophobia – but what does that mean? It’s the fear of being without your smartphone (“no-mobile-phone-phobia”). This is reflected in the amount of people who check their mobile emails in bed (17%), on holiday (42%) and on dinner dates (25%).

Next we heard that businesses which fail to pay their employees minimum wage will soon be named and shamed. HMRC can already issue a fine, but new regulations make it easier to ‘out’ offending companies. Last year the government recovered £3.9 million in unpaid wages.

And yesterday, we told you office employees crave a ‘buzzing’ atmosphere in the workplace. Small businesses were deemed to have the best atmosphere by 81% of survey respondents. Activity, laughter and conversation topped the wish list of workers who crave a better working environment.

We’ll be back with more small business news every day next week, so keep visiting bOnline’s Small Business Secrets blog for that and more tips and advice.

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