Small business news roundup August 9th-16th

NewspapersHappy Friday! It’s that time of the week when we look back at the top small business news from the past seven days. Here’s a look back at what you might have missed:

On Monday we confirmed what many of you have already experienced: small business owners work 63% longer than average. Small business bosses work an average of 52 hours per week, compared to the usual 35-40 full-time hours. Entrepreneurs in London work even longer, at an average of 61 hours per week.

Next we heard that, despite their long working hours, small business owners are the happiest members of the workforce. UK workers were found to be more content than those in France and Germany, but less content than Americans. Nearly three quarters of office workers believe flexible working patterns make them happier and more productive.

On Wednesday we heard that most small businesses in the UK are now run from home, with 2.5 million home businesses making up 52% of the country’s small businesses and 8% of the total workforce. Men also outnumber women when it comes to running home businesses, with 1.7 million men to 818,000 women.

And yesterday, we told you one third of businesses have reported a spike in absence rates during the recent heatwave. The rise in people calling in sick could be down to the fact more than half (54%) of businesses still do not operate flexible working policies to allow staff to take time off at short notice.

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