Small business news roundup July 19th-26th

close up on stack of papersAs the week comes to an end, it’s time to look back at the small business news stories we’ve covered over the last seven days. Read on for our quick roundup:

On Monday, in the height of Britain’s heatwave, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) urged business owners to relax dress codes to improve employees’ safety and comfort. They also proposed a maximum working temperature of 30°C, or 27°C for strenuous work.

Next, we heard the good news that more women are starting small business websites. Figures from 123reg revealed the number of women starting their own websites for business rose by 9% over 12 months.

On Wednesday, it was bad news for small business funding as it was revealed bank lending has fallen in 80% of the UK’s postcode areas. The top seven banks have promised to publish more detailed lending data by the end of the year.

And yesterday, we heard that businesses are struggling to manage talent, with 97% lacking the talent they need to be successful. HR executives also reported skills gaps in leadership, performance management, and a lack of female senior staff.

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