Small business news roundup June 21st-28th

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to look back at some of the small business news stories we’ve covered this week. Here’s our quick news roundup:

On Monday, we found that the future is increasingly bright for small businesses. A study found that 37% of SMEs are more optimistic than they were a year ago, and 81% are upbeat about the general state of their business. Most small businesses expect 2014 to be even more positive than 2013.

Next, we told you that small business websites are overtaking porn and gambling sites as the most hacked. In fact, around 30,000 small business websites are hacked per day. Small businesses are being urged to focus on web safety, as it emerged billions of pounds are lost to cybercrime each year.

On Wednesday, chancellor George Osborne announced the government’s 2013 Spending Review. This amounted to £11.5bn of cuts, including a 9% budget cut for the Department of Business. The Single Local Growth Fund also had its budget cut to £10bn, when it was initially expected to consist of £49bn.

And yesterday, we shared the good news that 93% of small business owners are happy in their role. When asked about their job satisfaction, 70% said theirs came from being in charge of their own destiny, while 66% enjoy doing something they believe in. However, a third said they would like to be able to take more time off for holidays.

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