Small Business News Roundup: Nov 28th-Dec 5th

There’s never a dull moment for small businesses, and we pick out the best news that could affect small business owners every day. Here are the top stories for small businesses from the past week:

With flooding affecting parts of the UK over the past couple of weeks, we revealed on Wednesday that small business owners may end up paying the price. Many businesses in high risk areas have found it impossible to get insurance cover, resulting in costs which could reach tens of thousands of pounds. Read more.

Next, it emerged that government funding initiatives have gone down badly with small businesses. In a report, 90% of small business owners said that government initiatives had been of no help to them, and many had not even heard of the funding schemes being run. Read more.

On Friday, we told you about Thomson’s customer service fail. An employee of the travel company sent foul-mouthed email rants to a customer who complained about the standard of her holiday. Could the incident have been handled in a better way? Read more.

Monday was dubbed ‘Cyber Monday’, as it was the busiest day for online shopping of the year. This year broke all previous online sales records, with an estimated £465m worth of products sold online. If your small business isn’t online, it could be missing out on a chunk of these sales. Read more.

Finally, despite the fact that many small business owners feel let down by government funding initiatives, there could be one on the horizon they are enthusiastic about. We revealed yesterday that 48% of small business owners feel positively about the upcoming Business Bank scheme. Read more.

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