Small Business News Roundup November 14th-21st

In the past seven days we’ve covered a range of stories that could affect small businesses, from quirky funding and marketing techniques to government grants. Here’s what’s been going on in
the last week:

First off, we told you about a Nottinghamshire town that turned to crowdfunding in order to provide a free wi-fi service. Residents and business owners in Mansfield are getting together to raise £38,000 for a free wi-fi connection in the town centre, with more than £5000 already pledged. Read more.

Next, we revealed that 80% of businesses could be paying too much for processing credit card transactions. The Card Processing Advisory Service (CPRAS) said that card transaction fees are too complex, leading many small businesses to pass the costs on by charging for card transactions or setting a minimum spend limit for accepting cards. Read more.

On Friday we shared the marketing tactics of ‘the world’s worst hotel’. The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam takes a unique approach by warning visitors in advance of the poor quality of the facilities. The reverse psychology seems to work, as the hotel is very popular. Read more.

On Monday, we told you about Pinterest’s new service for brands. Although the social network has been popular with certain industries, the service has now been optimised for small businesses wishing to promote their products. Read more.

Yesterday, we covered the new funding initiative that is set to share £150m between businesses for training purposes. Businesses of any size can apply for a grant to help take on apprentices or improve the skills of their current workers, but small businesses in particular are encouraged to apply. Read more.

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