Small Business News Roundup Oct 10-17

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This week we’ve reported a lot of changes that could have a big impact on UK businesses. With pensions and PAYE tax due to have a serious shake up next year, it’s no wonder that many small business owners are losing sleep. Here’s our roundup of the news over the past seven days:

Last week we reported the new PAYE tax changes which are due to come into force next year. The new rules mean that employers will have to declare tax details every time they pay their employees, rather than just at the end of the tax year. This could be a big drain on time for small businesses. Find out more.

A report published last week revealed that 31% of small business owners are losing sleep due to increased worry. The good news is that 47% of UK SMEs are optimistic for the year ahead, despite the last 12 months being tough financially. Get more on the story here.

On Friday there was another fail on the web – a US governor accidentally gave out the number for a sex hotline instead of a meningitis helpline. A public radio station replicated the mistake on its website, prompting thousands of calls to the wrong number. Click here to read more.

UK businesses are facing another big change, when new pension rules come into place. On Monday, a report revealed that most small businesses are unprepared for the changes, and some are even unaware. Under the new rules, every business will have to offer a pension scheme to each of its workers. Learn more in the full post.

On Friday, many people and businesses in the UK were left without mobile phone service after O2’s network failed. Yesterday it emerged that the company will not provide compensation for the issue, despite doing so in the past. Read the full story here.

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