Small Business News Roundup Oct 17-24

The past seven days have been packed full of news that affects small businesses. Do you suffer from web envy? Would you let your workers sleep on the job? Here are the stories we’ve covered this week on the bOnline blog:

Last week, a report was emerged revealing that the cost of running a business is on the rise. A staggering 95% of businesses reported an overall increase in costs this year, and most said cost changes had been detrimental to their business.

It was better news on Thursday, when we reported that small businesses everywhere can now get free advertising with the revamped Priority Moments app from O2. Businesses can now submit their latest special offers to the app, which will be searchable by the network’s 23 million UK customers.

Our fail on Friday concerned an unfortunate French woman who was charged  €11.7 quadrillion for a phone bill. Not only was she overcharged, she was ordered to pay the impossible amount in a show of robotic customer service.

On Monday we asked if you suffer from web envy. A new report revealed that 37% of businesses do, stating that their closest competitor’s website is better than their own. The report also highlighted the importance of a good web presence, with 51% of respondents saying a website influences their opinion of a company.

Yesterday, new advice emerged saying it could be good for your business to let your workers sleep on the job. New research found that a 90 minute nap increased workers’ ability to learn by 10% and a 30 minute nap could significantly reduce the risk of death from cardiac problems.

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