Small Business News Roundup Oct 3-10

In the past seven days, we’ve covered a range of news stories that could affect your small business or its website. From giving away free frying pans to removing models’ arms, we learned that businesses don’t always get it right – but we can learn from their mistakes. Here’s a recap this week’s stories:

Last week, cookware company ProCook managed to turn a potentially costly mistake into a PR campaign. The company mistakenly gave away hundreds of its frying pans for free on a deals website, and decided to honour its offer even though it wasn’t obliged to. Read the full story here.

Next we covered the Google Business Photos service and explained what benefits it could have for small businesses. For a fee, you can have a Google certified photographer create a 360 degree photo tour of your business premises to add another dimension to Google searches. Click here to check it out.

Following on from ProCook’s web mistake, Victoria’s Secret hit the spotlight when its site published an image of a model so heavily Photoshopped, she appeared to have lost an arm. The image was quickly replaced with a different version, but it highlighted the importance of attention to detail on websites. Get more on the story here.

On Monday a report was published which revealed that confidence in UK banks is falling. The study of 1,560 businesses showed that 50% of them don’t trust banks, despite relying on them for external funding. It also emerged that few businesses are aware of government-backed funding schemes. Read our full story now.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Facebook is testing a ‘want’ button which could provide a big boost for businesses. If it goes ahead, companies will be able to share collections of products on the social networking site, which users can ‘want’, making the items visible on their timelines and news feeds. Learn more here.

Keep an eye out on our blog for the latest small business and website news as it happens, as well as our daily features.

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