Small Business News Roundup: October 24-31

As ever, it’s been a mixed week for small businesses in the news. It was revealed that the UK is finally out of recession, but also that millions of people are being paid below the living wage. Read on to find out what else has happened in the last seven days that could affect your small business.

Last week, the prices for Britain’s long-awaited 4G business packages were finally unveiled. At £30 per person, per month for mobile plans and £15 per month for fixed line broadband, businesses can now provide super-fast connections for their employees in the office or on the road.

On Thursday, four years after the credit crunch hit, the UK was declared out of recession. However, skeptics were quick to point out that this year’s Olympics and Diamond Jubilee provided a one-off boost that may not be sustainable. The news may just provide the confidence small businesses need to make big decisions.

Friday’s fail news revealed the worst passwords of 2012. The annual list of most common passwords is a hacker’s go-to for accessing accounts – so if yours is on the list, it’s definitely time for a change in order to protect your personal and business information.

On Monday it was reported that 5 million people in the UK are earning below the ‘living wage’ – the hourly  wage they would have to earn to live basically on the cost of living in their area. The figures were estimated at £7.20 across the UK, rising to £8.30 in London – the minimum wage falls way short at £6.19.

Yesterday we wrote about the unfortunate case of Scooby Snax, a small fish and chip shop in Essex which was forced to change its name after pressure from movie giant Warner Bros. The shocked owners decided they couldn’t afford a legal fight, but have incurred over £20,000 in costs from changing their branding.

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