Small business news roundup September 13th-20th

Small business newsIf you’ve missed any small business news from the bOnline blog this week, here’s our quick roundup:

On Monday, we heard that the average employee wastes 86 minutes per day due to poorly-organised office space. Around 25% of time is wasted by employees being distracted, with the remaining time made up of tasks caused by poor organisation and facilities.

Next, we revealed that almost two thirds of UK small businesses only employ one person. Many take on short-term staff as they are needed, in order to keep costs low. Single-employee companies doubled in number between 2000 and 2012.

On Wednesday, we told you tradesmen could be losing custom if they don’t keep their van in shape. Almost two thirds of respondents to a new survey said the condition of a tradesman’s van would influence their decision to use them. Customers said they would avoid old vans or those with no clear branding.

And yesterday came the good news that small businesses are hiring more staff than last year. This is expected to increase further due to the Employment Allowance which will help cut National Insurance Contributions by up to £2,000 starting next April.

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