Small business website mistakes: Broken links

Broken links are a common occurrence, especially on older websites. We’ve all clicked on a link, only to be redirected to the dreaded error page. For web visitors, this can be frustrating and can lead to high webpage exit rates – which can be incredibly damaging for small businesses. Here, we look at what small business websites should and shouldn’t do when it comes to link maintenance.

Who got it wrong:

broken links on website

It’s hard to tell what this site’s all about as there’s very little text – unfortunately, clicking the links doesn’t help to shed any light on the situation. Of the nine main links on the page, only one of them works. A site with this many broken links and little other information is practically useless to its visitors.

Who got it right:

beauty salon website design

This site has a number of internal links on its pages and in its navigation bar – all of which are working perfectly. As this is a bOnline site, its owners can easily edit the site at any time to ensure the links remain in good working order.

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