Small business website mistakes: Busy backgrounds

When it comes to website design, we think it’s a case of the more customisation, the better. This is why many of our designs allow you to upload your own background image. This can really bring a site’s design together, but unfortunately it can also make a site look messy and unprofessional if it’s not done correctly. Find out how to get backgrounds right by learning from our examples:

Who got it wrong:

page 1

This website uses a tiled image which is repeated across the entire background of the homepage. This makes the site look busy and the repetitive images are distracting. The text and image modules seem to be floating over the background images and many clash with the strong design. On many of the internal pages, it’s hard to tell where the background ends and the page’s images begin.

Who got it right:

Paving in Letchworth Hertfordshire CA Driveways driveway patio

This website, created with bOnline, shows there’s a right way to use background images. The background consists of one good quality photograph (rather than a busy, tiled pattern) and, most importantly, the site’s content is placed on solid blocks of colour to make it stand out from the colours in the background image.

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