Small business website mistakes: Confusing menus

Over the last 20 years of the web, a standard format has emerged for websites. Despite the wide range of designs available on the internet, people know where to look when it comes to certain components such as menus, which usually run across the top of each page or down the left hand side. Hierarchy is usually established through drop down menus. Where a format is this established, it’s best to use a standard menu and apply your creativity elsewhere on the page, rather than trying to change a well-known design feature.

Who got it wrong:

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This website’s navigation bar runs across the top of the page, but has a non-standard double row format. Some of the navigation buttons are much larger and more prominent than others, with some of the less obvious buttons at risk of being missed. The navigation bar looks different on internal pages, which could cause confusion.

Who got it right:

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This website, created with the bOnline website builder, has a simple and standard navigation bar. Internal pages are linked to in drop down menus, and the navigation bar is replicated in the same way on every page so the user can navigate from anywhere on the website.

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