Small business website mistakes: Creating contact barriers

One of the main purposes of having a website for your business is to get people to contact you, so you should make it as easy as possible to do so. Unfortunately, some people still overlook this and make it unnecessarily difficult to make contact through their website. Check out these examples:

Who got it wrong:


Pixel Playhouse   Design Studios (1)


To find the contact details on this website, you have to hover over a menu button. As soon as you take your mouse away from the button, the contact details disappear. There is no direct way of contacting the company through its website, you would need to hover your mouse over the button and write down the details – you couldn’t even copy and paste. That is if you haven’t already been put off by the long introduction and the bad contrast.

Who got it right:

Gardener in Walton-on-thames   try me paving and landscapeing

As well as having two phone numbers in a prominent place on the homepage, this bOnline website also has a contact page where potential customers can send a direct message. By giving these different options, it’s more likely the website visitors will make contact with the company.

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