Small business website mistakes: Dated design

Unprofessional design comes in many forms — clashing colours, wacky fonts and cluttered images are all common on bad DIY websites. But in many industries where there is a degree of trust (professional services, medical websites), a dated website can do the most damage to a company. Check out these examples:

Who got it wrong:

Prestige Legal Services -- From total investigations to all of your legal, intelligence and process service needs

This legal services website looks dated, but the footer indicates it was updated in 2012. Perhaps the designer dug some old software out of their loft to put this site together? The dated design makes the site look unprofessional, in an industry where quality is of great importance. It also encourages users to download software to view all its features — this will scare a lot of people away.

Who got it right:

Solicitor in L'Derry   Flanagan   Co

This solicitor’s website looks clean and professional. Most importantly, the site looks modern without using unnecessary flashy features which require user to download software. Because this website was created with bOnline, the design can easily be edited at any time to avoid it looking tired and dated.

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