Small business website mistakes: Difficult domain names

When creating your small business website, you need to take your domain name (your web address) into consideration. Your domain name needs to reflect your brand, be memorable, and be as simple as possible in order for potential customers to find you easily. Here are some good and bad examples to help you choose the best domain name for your small business website:

Who got it wrong:

difficult domain name

This ( is the website of Johnson Smith Architects. Their domain name is a long acronym which is hard to remember, and doesn’t exactly reflect the company name. The website offers no indication as to what the additional letters in the domain name stand for, making it even more difficult for returning visitors to find the site!

Who got it right:

domain names for small businesses

The Treatment Room (, a bOnline website, is a good example of a self-explanatory, memorable domain name. Not only does it include the company name in full (The Treatment Room), it also includes the location, so visitors can be sure they’re in the right place. Including the location is great for SEO purposes, too.

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