Small business website mistakes: Distracting backgrounds

Background images can add an interesting element to business websites, as long as the image is of a high quality and does not distract visitors from the main website content. Check out these examples to see how background images can make or break a website:

Who got it wrong:

Yale University School of Art  Home

This website uses an image which is tiled across the entire background of the homepage. The repetitive image distracts from the website’s content, and additional text boxes and images are placed directly onto the busy background, making it hard to distinguish the main content from the background image.

Who got it right:

Moreton Mot   Service Centre Ltd Wirral

This bOnline website proves that a background image can be used in a subtle and stylish way. The background image is of a high enough quality that it can cover the entire page without being distorted or tiled, and the main website content is placed on plain boxes to ensure it stands out from the background.

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