Small business website mistakes: Endless menu bars

The navigation or menu bar is something all good website homepages should have. It should be a clear, simple bar of buttons to take your users where they need to go on your site. But how many do you need? As with so many things in web design, less is more. There’s no need to have a separate button for each page of your site – take a look at the wrong way and right way to do it below:

Who got it wrong:

Cattle Today Online!

Aside from the clashing colours and bright text which is difficult to make out, this website’s homepage features a very long navigation bar (in green, on the left side of the page). With this many items on the menu, it’s easy to skip over any important pages. There doesn’t seem to a logical order and the navigation bar also disappears or changes position on internal pages, making it difficult to navigate smoothly through the site.


Who got it right:

North Yorkshire Pine and Oak Interiors   Pine   Oak Interiors

This bOnline website goes for the simple approach and features a clear navigation bar in the same place and style on every page. As there are a number of pages on the site, this has been broken down into logical sections, with a drop-down menu on the shop button of the navigation bar, to house the extra pages rather than cramming them into one long menu bar.

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