Small business website mistakes: Hidden contact details

Your small business website should exist to give potential customers more information about your company, including details of how to contact you. It may seem obvious, but even larger names overlook the importance of providing clear contact details on their site – as you’ll see below.

Who got it wrong:

MySpace recently relaunched itself with the aim of competing with the top social media sites on the web – but amazingly it seems they don’t want to hear from their customers. After extensive searching on their site, we could find no way of contacting MySpace – not ideal if you’re a customer with a problem or query.

Who got it right:


Clean 4 You London created their small business website with bOnline, and provide a great example of visible contact details. A phone number appears at the top of every page, and there is a clearly visible link to the contact page which includes the company’s address. There is also a button to a direct contact form on every page – any visitor would find these details hard to miss!

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