Small business website mistakes: Hidden messages

If it’s not immediately obvious to someone viewing your website what your business does, it’s time to rethink and go back to basics. When creating your small business website, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and overlook the obvious points. Unfortunately, many small businesses make this mistake, and create a website that is not clear to visitors.

Who got it wrong:

Confusing web design

This website grabs attention with its fun interactive elements. But what’s it all about? After a bit of investigation, it seems to be the website of one of the best-regarded web designers in Japan. The interactive animations are certainly clever, but the website does not serve the purpose of giving instant information to curious visitors.

Who got it right:

Builder website template

There is no confusion caused by this website, which was created with bOnline’s low-cost DIY package. The website title and content make it obvious what this company does – and it’s even in the domain name!These practices don’t only make for a better user experience, to making your purpose and location clear can also help with SEO.

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