Small business website mistakes: Hiding your prices

Your website acts as a lasting advertisement for your business. It’s a place for potential customers to find out what you have on offer – so why would you hide your prices? Some businesses choose not to advertise their prices online, but they could be scaring off customers. Many online customers are searching for products and services in their price range, and if they don’t get the information they need, it’s easy for them to move on to another site.

Who got it wrong:

No prices on websiteThis website, from a well-known American furniture brand, does not advertise prices. The site features an online showroom, but online customers are unable to see how much each piece of furniture costs. For someone researching products online, it’s important to see which products are within their price range.

Who got it right:

Prices on website

This photography website, created with bOnline, features an extensive price list. Customers can get an accurate price based on their requirements and can choose a photography package which suits their budget.

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