Small business website mistakes: Homemade logos

When you’re starting a business, it’s tempting to cut costs wherever possible by doing as much as you can by yourself. However, when it comes to your logo, it’s always best to consult a professional. Your logo will be used on your website and all your promotional materials, so it’s important it reflects your business as a professional brand. Take a look at who got it wrong and right:

Who got it wrong:

S G Max, Web Designer in High Wycombe, Bespoke Designs to meet your requirements, full packages optional. https

This web design company tried to use its own artistic flair to create a logo, but the result is a dated, ineffective logo which appears cheaply-made. The rest of the site looks homemade and unprofessional too, which does not give a good impression of the business.

Who got it right:

Sewing workshops North London   Sewme Sewme (2)

Professionally-designed logos do not have to cost the earth. This website features a logo designed by bOnline for just £59(+VAT) to match their website. The logo reflects the branding of the company and also adds a professional edge to the business website.

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