Small business website mistakes: Ignoring mobile users


Mobile website visitors are no longer a rarity – in fact, 70% of people in our recent survey said they regularly use a mobile device to search the web. Unfortunately, many small businesses have still not optimised their sites for mobiles. Worse still, many are still using Flash-based websites, which are not supported at all on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Who got it wrong:

The French Laundry

This website has a clean, professional-looking design which suits the branding of the business. Unfortunately, as it’s based on Flash, it doesn’t work at all on many mobile devices. When we visited the site on an iPhone, we were met with a blank web page. It’s likely this restaurant has lost a lot of business from hungry mobile users.

Who got it right:

Architecture and Landscape Photography   Asmita Kapadia Photography

This website, created with the bOnline website builder, also features a clean and sleek design. Not only is it compatible with all devices, it’s also responsive. This means the site adapts to any screen size to ensure the information on the screen is fully optimised.

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