Small business website mistakes: Inappropriate marketing

When creating your small business website, it’s important to tailor your marketing message to your target audience. You might want a bright and fun website, but it needs to reflect your business and be appropriate for your audience. This is especially important for any businesses where formality or sensitivity is important – a divorce lawyer might not have the same style of website as a children’s entertainer, for example.

Who got it wrong:

Cosmetic surgery website

This colourful, animated website is for a cosmetic surgery company. The site does not reflect a clean, professional environment, which you might expect from this type of business – it would be more suited to a more informal or lighthearted business.

Who got it right:

Welcome to South Beach Surgery

This bOnline website is for another medical business – a group of GP surgeries in Scotland. The professional design gives the impression of a clean, relaxing environment, which is much more suitable for the business than flashy and colourful animation.

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