Small business website mistakes: Incompatibility

No matter how much time and effort you spend making your small business website look perfect, this is all wasted if your site doesn’t work properly for every user. Your site needs to look great, no matter which browser or device the visitor is using. Take a look at the examples below to see how to get it right when you create a website.

Who got it wrong:

Broken website
Not only is this website too text-heavy, it does not work correctly on all web browsers. The site seems to work well when using Internet Explorer, but users visiting via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers will find that the site’s text constantly enlarges as they scroll down the page.

Who got it right:

Personal trainer website design
This bOnline site not only works perfectly on every browser, it is also based on a responsive design template. This means the website’s content will render beautifully on any device, automatically resizing to look great on any laptop, tablet or phone screen.

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