Small business website mistakes: Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing has long been an offence on search engines such as Google, but unfortunately some websites still try to get away with it. Keyword stuffing involves repeating keywords throughout web pages in order to rank for those keywords in search engines. Sometimes it’s obvious (like the example below), sometimes it’s hidden, for example in the website’s code or disguised as text the same colour as the background. Of course, search engines have advanced algorithms to detect keyword stuffing techniques and may remove an offending website from its listings.

Who got it wrong:

Teacup Pigs Full Grown

This is an extreme example of keyword stuffing for the term ‘teacup pigs’. The whole homepage is overlaid with nonsensical text. This may attract visitors to the site using questionable tactics, but it doesn’t give them a good experience or anything of any worth. There are 93 mentions of the word ‘pig’ on the homepage, as well as 68 occurrences of ‘teacup’. Another indicator of keyword stuffing is the inclusion of alternative spellings or common misspellings. This site has ‘tea cup’,‘piglets’, ‘piggies’, ‘petmini-pigs’ and ‘pigsa’, presumably to cater for typos in search.

Who got it right:

Chilli Spice Camberley Indian restaurant Camberley (1)

This website has followed bOnline’s SEO wizard to implement its chosen keywords in a way that is both acceptable to search engines and provides a good experience for visitors. The key phrase ‘Indian restaurant Camberley’ is included in the page title, and is mentioned in the body text without unnecessary repetition.

The owners of the site have followed bOnline’s DIY SEO wizard (below), which recommends proper keyword placement while the website is being built.

Online Marketing Wizard   bOnline

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