Small business website mistakes: Lack of contrast

Many businesses put a considerable amount of time and effort into creating their business websites, but unfortunately it only takes one small mistake to put visitors off. One of the most off-putting mistakes is a lack of colour contrast. Simply using the wrong background or text colour can make your site content impossible to read. Take a look at these examples:

Who got it wrong:

poor contrast website

This business seems to have invested a lot of time in crafting content for their website, but unfortunately most of it is impossible to read due to the poor contrast between the text and the background. The black text is difficult to make out from the dark background, and the blue navigation buttons seem distorted as they are only a couple of shades lighter than the banner they are placed over.

Who got it right:

contrast website design

This business created their website with bOnline. This is a great example of using contrast to make text stand out. The business has a striking dark background, but the text is very easy to read as it is in a lighter colour. The text over the images is also easily visible as it is placed on a shaded box.

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