Small business website mistakes: Lack of structure

When it comes to creating a small business website, it’s important to structure your content effectively. This is very simple when using a website builder, but many websites overlook the need for structure and end up with a messy site which is difficult to use.

Who got it wrong:

bad website design

This website’s homepage lacks any recognisable structure. The menu is hidden (only becoming visible when you hover over top left-hand corner) and the home page is laid out with content seemingly strewn randomly across it. With a lack of consistent navigation, users have to click on various links until they find what they’re looking for.

Who got it right:

Website builder

This website, created with bOnline, has a clean and sensible structure. The main navigation links are placed in clear view at the top of the page, and there are dedicated sections on the homepage for important information such as services, contact information and opening hours.

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