Small business website mistakes: Overthinking navigation

When creating a website, many small businesses call in a designer to give them something unique that stands out from the crowd. However, it’s best to keep some things simple – including your site’s navigation bar. Overly-complicated navigation can stop your potential customers from going anywhere on your site, and they could quickly get frustrated and give up. Check out examples of good and bad navigation to help you create your small business website:

Who got it wrong:

Mystery meat navigation

This website at first appears to be made up of just one page – where’s the navigation bar? Your eyes are drawn to the animated fly in the top corner, but clicking this only zooms out of the page. If you look very carefully, you’ll see a tiny menu placard at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, this is no use either. The menu can only be found by hovering over the initials at the bottom of the screen. Even then, only half the navigation buttons are shown at one time, and they disappear as soon as you move your mouse. Once you click on a button, you’re treated to some nice animation, but it’s doubtful many visitors will ever work out how to get there.

Who got it right:

Simple website navigation

This website, created with bOnline, keeps things simple but remains eye-catching. The navigation bar is easy to find on the left of the page. It makes use of drop-down menus which are simple to use but retains a unique edge by opening a translucent menu box over the striking background image.

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