Small business website mistakes: Selfish design

Most people have a favourite colour, or are particularly fond of a certain style. When it comes to creating your small business website, it’s time to forget about what you want and think about what your customers will expect to see. Take a look at the examples below to find out the dangers of selfish design.

Who got it wrong:

bad photography website

The owner of this website clearly loves pink and fairytale princesses – but unfortunately it doesn’t reflect the nature of their photography business. Photography sessions can be expensive, but the site looks cheaply made. It looks more suited to a child-focused business, rather than a photography service purchased by adults. Unfortunately, this seems to be a classic case of selfish design.

Who got it right:

playgroup website template

We’re not necessarily criticising bright, fun colours on websites – as long as it looks professional and is for the right audience. This website, created with bOnline’s website builder, is bright and colourful, and is aimed at children (and their parents). It reflects the fun aspect of the company but still retains a professional look.

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  1. kingofcontent92 says:

    Very true, it is important to consider who will view our website. I once told this to my girlfriend when she created a blog through wordpress. She loves music but her design doesn’t fit the content of her blog. But now it’s good to know that she believe in me, so she change it.

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