Small business website mistakes: SEO Suicide

Not every website can reach the top of search engine results for their chosen keywords, but there are certain simple search engine optimisation (SEO) measures every website owner should take in order to give themselves the best chance. Most important is to ensure your website content is crawlable by search engines – remember, Google can’t read images. Your page title tags should clearly describe your business and preferably include the main keywords you are aiming to rank for. Check out these examples to see how it works:

Who got it wrong:


This website might look well-designed, but if you look carefully you can see that all text is actually made up of images. To a search engine, this text is invisible. With page titles including ‘Chilango_openerinfo’, they are also getting no benefits from their title tags, which is the first thing search engines crawl to determine which keywords a website should rank for. A better title would be ‘Chilango | Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco’.

Who got it right:

Tree Surgery in Surrey   Mighty Oak Tree Surgery

This website, created with bOnline, has a great design but ensures all text is readable and relevant for search engines. The title tag for the homepage is ‘Tree Surgery in Surrey | Mighty Oak Tree Surgery’. This makes it clear to both visitors and search engines what the main purpose of the website is.


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