Small business website mistakes: Spelling & grammatical errors

When it comes to attracting customers online, it’s vital your small business website looks professional. Design is a key aspect, but there’s nothing that can damage your reputation more than sloppy spelling or grammar on a business website. Of course, everybody has different talents, and not everybody has perfect English skills. If you’re not 100% confident in your spelling ability, get a friend or even a professional proofreader to take a look at any content you write before you publish it on your site.

Who got it wrong:

My Buisness Finance   my-business-backupmy-business-backup

This website has a very professional design and lots of useful content. Unfortunately, the whole site is littered with mistakes. We counted more than 25 errors just on the page above — there’s even a typo in the page URL! Despite the professional look of the site, many customers could potentially be put off by these mistakes, which imply the text was rushed and not checked — not a great impression for a small business.

Who got it right:

Pilates in Constantia Cape Town   PL Pilates

This website, created with bOnline, has both a professional design and well-written copy. There is plenty of written content on the site, which is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Not only does this make the text easier to read, it is also more likely to be picked up by search engines, as it’s impossible to rank for keywords if you’ve spelled them incorrectly!

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