Small business website mistakes: Style over substance

When creating your small business website, you want it to look stylish and sophisticated. You also want it to work correctly and be simple for visitors to use. Unfortunately, many business websites sacrifice the user experience in favour of fancy animation or Flash features which are damaging to the SEO aspects of the site. Take a look at our examples of who succumbed to style over substance and who got the balance right:

Who got it wrong:

Website flash animation

The creators of this site have made use of Flash animation to make their site stand out. Unfortunately, many website visitors are unable to view Flash websites, and it’s not recommended for SEO purposes. The result here is a site which is incredibly hard to navigate, with even the most basic information begin difficult to find.

Who got it right:

recruitment website design

This business website, created with bOnline’s website builder, looks fresh and modern without the over-the-top features which could distract or confuse visitors. Navigation is easy, thanks to the clear menu bar at the top of the page.

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