Small business website mistakes: Taking simplicity too far

We’ve talked about the dangers of packing too much into your website, but even when it comes to minimalism there is such a thing as too much. When trying to create a clean, simple small business website, it’s possible to go too far by limiting functionality and imagination. Take a look at some examples below and see how to strike the right balance when creating a website.

Who got it wrong:

One page website

 This is a one-page static website for an ice cream parlour. It looks like the designer was trying to keep things simple – but unfortunately this resulted in a site which is barely more useful than a business card. It would be much better if it at least included some images of the desserts on offer to draw customers in.

Who got it right:

Simple photography websiteIt’s possible to keep your website simple as well as stylish. This photographer website, created with bOnline, maintains a clean design whilst giving all the information a potential customer might need, including a portfolio, price list and contact page.

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    Minimalist web design: Simple & stylish or plain & pointless?…

    It’s great to keep it simple in web design, but there is such a thing as too much minimalism! Take a look at our examples and see which is simple and stylish, and which is plain and pointless….

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