Small business website mistakes: Turn down the brightness!

With every website doing its best to stand out in its industry, a bit of colour can go a long way to creating an eye-catching site. Bold colours can work well if they match a company’s branding, but some websites take one particularly bold colour and run with it – and the results are often less than desirable. Take a look at our examples to see how to use bold colours effectively on your small business website.

Who got it wrong:

Welcome to the Hell's Belles Car Club

There’s no missing this website – it’s very red! The bold colour is great, but it does overwhelm the rest of the content. The black text is difficult to focus on as the red stands out so strongly. The internal pages are all red and black, too!

Who got it right:

Best Restaurant in South Petherton   The Lopen Raj

This website uses a bright purple background, but manages to pull it off through the clever use of a subtle gold colour framing the page’s content. The site’s text is easy to read as it’s separated from the bold background by being placed within lighter text boxes. This is a great use of bold colour which doesn’t take over the entire website.

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