Small business website mistakes: Using frames

When the web was becoming popular but load times were slow, frames were a common way to combat the problem. They kept one part of the page static, and were often used for navigation bars. The web has evolved, and now frames are out. They not only look outdated, they are not indexed by popular search engines, meaning all your SEO efforts could be wasted and traffic could be lost.

Who got it wrong:


This website uses frames in an unusual way – most of the site’s content is contained in a small frame at the top of the page. Not only does this harm the site’s chances of being found by search engines, it’s also tricky to use.

Who got it right:

catering PA
Due to the negative impact they can have on SEO, we don’t recommend using frames at all. This example above uses bOnline’s tools to build a sleek, simple user interface. The clear navigation bar and easily editable areas eliminate the need for frames.

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