What Features should you look for in Business Broadband?

Opting for Business Broadband or if switching a provider you will need to know all the relevant information before. From connection speed to customer service and security, here is a short list of features you should look for in business broadband along with its benefits when comparing products and providers.


Unlike consumer broadband, where the support is more basic and often confined to office hours, a business provider will give you access to a UK-based specialist support centre and engineers, available 24/7. You might also have a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This will define the terms of the service you are being provided  with a partial or full refund possible if not met.


Security is essential for a business and most ISPs provide business clients with improved anti-virus and firewall software. Sometimes these are included in the price and sometimes require an additional cost.

Better Equipment & Faster connection

Business routers can handle way more users than household ones.  Most ISP’s prioritise business broadband traffic over residential broadband customers and provide a higher download and upload speed to make the transfer of data much quicker.

The speed and quality of your connection won’t be affected by other customers use and won’t slow down at busier times of the day.

Static IP

Any good business broadband provider would provide you with a static or fixed IP address.  An IP address is a unique number that corresponds to your location on the internet. It’s essential if you want to run your own in-house services, and also gives your business a greater air of professionalism.

Email and domains

Most business broadband providers will include web hosting, email addresses and domain names as part of their service. This will be enough to cover a basic web presence, and give all them members of your team their own company-branded email address. It won’t be sufficient to run a full online business, and you may need to factor this into your package selection.


It’s important to look at other services or benefits your can get from choosing one provider over another. How will your business grow with your current provider, or are you just looking for the best deal and a low-cost option. Many ISP’s also have relationships with payment processing companies, mobile carriers, insurance or perhaps website design to help your business grow. Make sure you ask what other services you can get from your ISP to add value to your business.

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