bOnline’s new design platform – an interview with Sam Greensted

Our brand new proprietary website design platform enables our designers to give our customers the most professional looking websites to meet their business needs at a quarter of the average market price! With more features and beautiful design elements at the ready,  Sam Greensted, head of design services, explains the endless possibilities.

What are the main improvements (vs the previous platform)?

We now have much more scope and systematically use image editor to make websites more unique for the customers. We also added a range of technical choices for websites.

For instance scrolling homepages is now easier with fixed navigation and we implemented new hover functionality on images and icons.

Individual section theming that doesn’t affect the site globally have also been included in the platform. The new platform increases the way websites respond on mobile devices allowing us to provide an ever better experience for our customers businesses when being viewed on mobiles.

Why is it better than a DIY website platform?

You will have a professional designer to build the site and more choices for the customers with less limitations. Customers can request exactly what they want with the designer.

Can we use this service to renew an old website?

We can redesign an old website on our platform, starting from scratch but refreshing the design and giving a greater air of professionalism.

How much does it cost?

We offer professional design at a quarter of the price that an agency would for a brand new website…

How long does that take?

It’s generally 3-4 weeks designer time to create a branded website that the customer will be happy with.

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