News: Businesses Cashing in on the Impending Apocalypse

If the ancient Mayans are to be believed, the world is due to end today. Nobody seems quite sure exactly when it’s about to begin, but so far we’ve seen no signs of apocalypse. There are certain businesses which have used the recent mass panic to their advantage, and if we do come through the day unscathed, they could be financially better off.

One savvy entrepreneur set up in 2007, selling everything you need should you turn out to be a lucky survivor of judgement day. The site was recently closed down, but the owner claims the site was so successful that he was able to live off its profits.

The tourism industry has also benefited. Resorts in Mexico (where the prophecy originated) have been running special events all year in anticipation ofEarth’s final day on December 21st. Two small villages in France and Turkey have also seen record visitor numbers as many people believe they will be the only locations to survive the apocalypse.

And closer to home, many bars and clubs are holding ‘end of the world parties’ tonight, for those wanting to drown their sorrows or end their days on the dancefloor. If the world is still here in the morning, there’s no doubt these businesses will be celebrating large profits.

P.S.We’re taking a break for Christmas, so this will be our last blog post for a little while (or forever, depending if the Mayans were correct!) We hope you all have a great Christmas break and we’ll be back on January 2nd.


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