News: eBay is Turning Small Businesses into International Sellers

Savvy small businesses are turning to eBay to make their name in the international market.

eBay today released stats on export sales in the run-up to Christmas, which show that October-December’s exports from are set to grow by 16% compared to the same period last year. The research also found that 80% of small businesses operating on eBay now sell internationally to at least five countries.

Most exports from the UK are to the US, with over 2.2 million items predicted to be shipped in the final three months of the year alone. However, the dark horse of UK exports is the Russian market, with sales to the country up by 119% compared to last year.

Small businesses are realising the potential of low-cost selling on platforms such as eBay, and with many British-made products in high demand across the world, they no longer need to rely on a physical shop to make sales over the Christmas period.

Chris Webster, Director of EU Cross Border Trade at eBay, said: “Cross border trade represents a massive economic opportunity for the UK, and eBay makes trade without borders a reality by giving businesses big and small a simple, low cost platform to reach over 100 million shoppers around the world 24/7.”

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