News: Graduate Invests in Billboard to Find Work

In today’s tough economic climate, many businesses can’t afford to take on new staff. Around 2.5 million people in the UK are unemployed, and some are taking drastic measures to get noticed by employers.

One jobseeker with an innovative approach is Adam Pacitti, a 24 year old graduate from the Isle of White. After finding it difficult to get a job since graduating with a first class degree in media production from the University of Winchester, Adam claims to have spent the last of his cash on a billboard advertising himself to employers.

The billboard is located outside Kilburn station in north London and features a photograph of Adam with the words “I spent my last £500 on this billboard. Please give me a job”. It also includes a link to Adam’s website, where potential employers can read his CV and watch a video to find out more about him.

He says in the video: ‘As you can see from my email inbox I have spent countless hours applying for jobs with no luck. I am looking for work in the ultra-competitive, cut-throat and slightly vacuous industry that is the media. So if I seem like your ideal candidate then please get in touch because, to be honest, I am getting desperate.’

It’s not the first time Adam has implemented an unusual idea – back in 2009 he launched an internet campaign to find the girl of his dreams (unfortunately without any luck).

We think Adam would do well in marketing! What do you think – would Adam’s approach get your attention as an employer?


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