News: Most Brits Think They Work for an Honest Employer

Good news for British businesses – most workers think they work for an honest organisation.

In a study released today from the Institute of Business Ethics, 84% of British respondents said that their organisation practices honesty always or frequently. The number is lower in continental European countries (France, Germany, Italy and Spain), at 77%. Overall, the survey pointed to positive feelings concerning the ethics of British organisations.

However, some employees don’t seem so ethical themselves: 20% of British employees and 28% of continental European employees were aware of misconduct in their organisation over the past year, but only half reported it.

Simon Webley, IBE’s Research Director said: “Attitudes of indifference (‘It’s none of my business’) and the belief that no corrective action would be taken, deter employees who are aware of misconduct from raising their concerns.” 

Offering a solution, he said: “Businesses need to work harder at communicating the importance of speaking up, and supporting staff who do.”

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