News: Roadworks Cost Businesses Thousands a Week

A report released today has revealed that roadworks are having a financial impact on businesses around the country.

Works undertaken by utilities companies often close roads, prevent parking and delay deliveries, leading to negative effects on local businesses. The Local Government Association (LGA) surveyed hundreds of high street shops across the country to assess the impact of nearby streetworks. It found that the disruption is costing businesses thousands of pounds a week, and holding back local growth.

The study found that 57% of shops have had nearby roadworks in the past three years, and 72% of them experienced negative effects such as forced closure, delivery delays and reduced sales. Half of businesses affected said they lost at least 10% of sales with, some losing up to £7,500 a week.

Have your small business been affected by roadworks? Do you think the disruption caused you to lose money? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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