News: Small businesses braced for winter blues

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New research has revealed the effect Seasonal Affective Disorder or the ‘winter blues’ has on businesses.

In a study of more than 1,000 office workers, Epson found that 20% of Britons admit to calling in sick because of the winter blues, with each taking off four days a year. This equates to more than 9 million work days lost each year.

Almost half (48%) or workers say they rarely or never see sunlight on the way to or from work during the winter months, with lack of natural light being a main contributor to Seasonal Affective Disorder. As a result, 60% find it harder to get out of bed, and 59% say they lack motivation. Some 58% say the winter months cause them to be depressed, and 52% feel they are more susceptible to illness.

A third (33%) of survey respondents said better lighting in the office would improve the mood of employees, while 27% want a more colourful work space and 20% would like to see more creative visuals and colourful presentations.

Neil Colquhoun, director of Epson, said “Companies have to remain competitive and start the year on a high – losing valuable manpower because of winter weather is not an option. Workers are calling out for simple steps, such as bringing more light and colour into the workplace.”


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