News: Social Media Bottom of the List for Customer Service

Despite the popularity of social media, people in the UK would rather deal with businesses over the phone and email when it comes to customer service.

In a new study from technology consultancy Portal, just 2% of customers said social media is their preferred method of dealing with customer service issues. The sentiment is similar among businesses, with 3% giving the same answer.

The most popular method of communicating customer service issues was email, a favourite for 52% of customers, and telephone, at 19%.

Shamus Kelly, CEO of Portal, said “Our experience is that consumers turn to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as a last resort, using them as platforms to publically condemn a brand following a frustrating experience, rather than a first port of call.”

This is worrying as 82% of companies in the UK admit they do not actively monitor their brand’s reputation on social media sites, meaning these public complaints can quickly get out of hand.

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