News: People Work Longer in Winter, But Are Less Productive

According to a new study, office employees spend longer at work during the winter months. But these extra hours may not be as good for productivity as you’d think.

The study by found that the average office worker spent an additional 38 minutes per day at their desk during the winter, the equivalent of 1.5 extra working days per month. Employees were found to be staying on later as well as cutting their lunchtimes and cigarette breaks short.

58% of respondents claimed the main reason was to stay out of the cold, while 41% said they left later to avoid rush hour traffic. A further 37% said they worked longer hours to ensure their work was completed before the Christmas break. Others said they were keen to impress for an end of year appraisal or New Year budget announcements.

But these extra working hours don’t necessarily add up to more productivity. More than two thirds (71%) of workers said their productivity drops as soon as it becomes dark outside.

A spokesperson for said “Winter weather is causing employees across the UK to spend longer at work each day — which sounds great, particularly if it helps businesses achieve their end of year targets. However, delve a little deeper and the thought process appears to be centred around what is best for the employee rather than the employer.”

Do you find yourself at your desk more during the dark winter evenings? Do you think you’re less productive at this time of year? Leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts.


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