How To Support Religious Holidays In The Workplace

This Spring there are various religious holidays occurring from Easter to Ramadhan and it’s important to show support. While Christian holidays are already observed on public holidays it’s also essential to be mindful of other religious obligations.

religious holidays

In this blog post, we outline how to support religious holidays in the workplace.

Understand religious holidays

Firstly, make sure you understand and are aware of different religious obligations and holidays.

This means being aware of dates, duration and what requirements are needed to allow successful observation.

By doing this, you will already be aware of the expectations your employees may have and can plan ahead.

Increase awareness in the workplace

Following on, in a diverse workplace, it’s essential to raise awareness and educate your employees to increase tolerance and acceptance.

For example, introducing workshops and activities can bring insight and a fun way to interact with colleagues in a more casual setting.

This can also avoid misunderstandings and heighten teamwork within your workforce where employees understand and appreciate different cultures.

Offer support

Take the time to talk to employees and understand the practices they’d have to keep on a religious holiday.

Make sure that you understand what their religious holiday entails and then try to accommodate this as best as possible.

For example, in the fasting month of Ramadhan be mindful of physical and mental health when setting rotas/work obligations.

Establish a policy on requests for time off

Finally, from an HR viewpoint establish a policy on requests for time off to celebrate and observe religious holidays.

This can also be extended to flexible working schedules and allowing different work hours or work from home days to allow employees to fulfil their religious obligations.

Benefits of letting your employees celebrate religious holidays

Allowing employees to celebrate religious holidays can contribute to more satisfied and happier workplace culture.

When employees see that their needs and beliefs are being catered to can lead to appreciation, boost morale and higher job satisfaction.


Taking the time to support religious holidays will have a positive impact on your workplace and employees.

Not only does supporting religious holidays boost morale but this can also be shared with customers and show how diverse and accepting your business is which can build on rapport and branding.


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